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Tver power engineers awarded the best operators


In IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division on the site of the Tver Training Center a contest of operators of operational and technological Services of the Grid Control Centre and operational and technological Groups of Districts of Electrical Networks took place.

The contest was conducted to verify and assess the knowledge of operators and their willingness to act in a complex operation scheme-mode, as well as sharing best practices and organization of work on the operational management of electric distribution grids and substation equipment.

The tests included seven stages, each of which participants showed their level of training. The operators demonstrated knowledge of applicable rules, regulations and standards using computer-based testing software package “Centurion”. One of the contest’s stages was the check of correctness and efficiency of operations in the removal of faults — an emergency response exercise. In the course of the contest the level of operational and supervisory staff in first aid with the use of a simulator “Gosh” was estimated and the ability to apply the primary fire extinguishing means. Also, the participants showed skills of making switching sequence forms for repair of power facilities. The out of the contest stage was to assess the professionally significant psycho-physiological qualities of the staff.

The leading position in the contest among the operators of sections of operational and technological Services of the Grid Control Centre was taken by a representative of Bezhetsky site Igor Roschin, second place — operator from Tver Igor Kazmin, third — Head of Operations of Vyshnevolotsky section Roman Malov. Among the operators of operational and technology Groups of DEN the maximum number of points were scored by young specialist of Kalininsky DEN Alexander Khlyzov, second was operator of Bologovsky DEN Nikolay Vorobyev, judging committee awarded the third place Andrey Begovschikov from Torzhoksky DEN. The winners in the category “Best theorist” were Alexander Khlyzov and operator of Bezhetsky section Igor Roschin. All the participants were awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes.

Summing up the event, Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division director Alexander Eyst stressed: “The operators do very complicated and important work in their service area. Today is the time dictated by the new requirements and the level of supervisory services must continually improve. A good result — it is primarily the degree of internal readiness, motivation, and rather high self requirement. The past events showed that operational staff is ready to respond quickly to emergency situations, and by improving the level of training the power engineers increase their safety for maintenance of electrical grids”.

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