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Tambov power engineers of IDGC of Centre are ready for spring floods


IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division is taking the necessary measures to ensure uninterrupted operation of Districts of Electrical Networks, preservation of buildings, structures and power facilities during the spring floods. According to the Tambov Regional Centre for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring the amount of snow cover in the region is much higher than normal. According to experts, in the middle of April a sharp warming will come, which could complicate the situation.

To solve the tasks set Tambovenergo created a flood commission chaired by Deputy Director for Technical Issues — Chief Engineer of the branch Alexander Zamotay. The main objectives of the Commission are to checking the power system’s readiness to operate during the season of spring floods and control over the implementation of the planned works. Power engineers are identifying facilities, which are the most exposed to melt water, and do everything possible to prevent a possible emergency situation.

For reliable operation of electrical networks and uninterrupted electricity supply during the flood the branch holds briefings and preventive flood control trainings in order to work out clear actions of staff in different variants of an emergency. During the period of intensive melting of snow and rising water levels in the Districts of Electrical Networks emergency repair crews will be set on duty around the clock.

According to provisional data, the Tambov region is expecting sufficiently intense snowmelt in the spring, special attention will be paid to the stability of the dams on ponds and reservoirs. In recent days, the water level in rivers rose by six centimeters, the rivers had ice-holes formed, but the ice thickness reaches even up to 39 centimeters. According to MOE experts, the debacle of Tambov rivers is expected in the first half of April — one week later than average long-term performance indicators.

“Now the main task of power engineers is to ensure reliable operation of power lines and substations. For this potential inundation zones along power lines, substations and industrial buildings were identified. In the structural units of Tambovenergo a reserve of materials for repair was formed, the members of the operational headquarters for emergency response in flood were assigned. Power engineers of the branch organized interaction with regional and district flood control commissions, General Directorate MOE of Russia in the Tambov region”, — says Head of production control and safety Office of the branch Sergey Simon.

At the end of the flood period it is planned to inspect all sections of the power lines exposed to floods, to determine potential damage and the need for repair work.

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