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IDGC of Centre - Tambovenergo division completed its program of environmental policy in 2011 in full


As part of the program of environmental policy in 2011 IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division completed 37 actions to reduce the impact of negative factors on the environment and compliance with environmental regulations while operating power facilities. During the implementation of the environmental program about 1.6 million rubles were spent on it.

The priorities of the environmental policy is to minimize the negative impact on the environment and improving environmental safety in the process of conducting environmental protection activities.

The branch is working to improve the regulatory framework and management system for the protection of the environment and use of natural resources. In 2011, a draft of standards was developed for waste generation and limits of their storage for the executive office of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division, Tambovsky, Rasskazovsky and Sampursky Districts of Electrical Networks.

All energy facilities in Tambovenergo are constructed or repaired in strict accordance with the requirements of federal and regional legislation in the field of environmental protection.

To implement the environmental policy it is important to retrofit power equipment, which enhances reliability of operation of power facilities. Last year 29 oil circuit breakers were replaced for vacuum. Besides the repair of oil circuit breakers, oil receiving devices of transformers, drainage installations was performed, oil-filled equipment was repaired and gravel pad foundation was replaced under it, oil-filled bushings were replaced for the ones with solid insulation.

Particular attention was paid to measures for the protection of wildlife, particularly birds. The electric tape OLIT was used on 6-10 kV overhead lines. This tape is designed to insulate 6-10 kV busbar bridges and wiring of 6-10 kV outgoing overhead lines, which protects the animals and birds from electric shock.

In the second quarter of 2011 Tambovenergo implemented disposal of decommissioned capacitors with trichlorodiphenyl to ensure reliable protection of the environment.

Experts of Tambovenergo regularly analyze the impact of energy facilities on the environment. Instrumental measurements of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere in several units of the branch were performed. The results showed that the emissions did not exceed the established standards. Systematic delivery of waste of Class IV Hazard is performed to specialized organizations for further disposal, recycling and deactivation.

In order to improve staff skills in the field of environmental protection seven employees of the branch were trained on “Hazardous Waste Treatment”. Upon completion the training certificates were issued for the right to work with hazardous waste.

At the end of last year the branch purchased special containers for the collection of used batteries and tires, as well as containers for spilt fluids. Installation of these containers will reduce the negative impact of waste on the environment and meet the relevant requirements of environmental regulations.

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