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Chiefs of Districts of Electrical Networks of Smolenskenergo summed up the operation of their units in 2011 and outlined plans for the future


A meeting of chiefs of Districts of Electrical Networks (DEN) following the results of 2011 was held at IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division, chaired by Deputy Chief Engineer — Chief of distribution grids Vitaly Mordykin. Among the speakers were Deputy Chief Engineer Sahib Bruno, Yury Krivtsov and Oleg Shirokov, Head of Production Control and Safety Vasily Gipich, Deputy Head of distribution grids Office Evgeny Legkov and heads of district units.

The meeting discussed issues concerning the implementation of maintenance programs, equipment provision for training centres, actions for emergency and recovery operation in December and other technical issues. Particular attention was paid to the experience of Districts of Electrical Networks southbound (Monastyrschinsky, Pochinkovsky and Roslavlsky), namely the repair of transformer substations on the site of the DENs.

For example, repair of package transformer substations on the site of Pochinkovsky DEN was organized in January 2009. In the garage a workplace was equipped and they started with two substations, now to 4-5 pieces are constantly ready and waiting for their turn.

In 2009 thus 12 package transformer substations were repaired (5 pieces were overhauled and 7 pieces were maintained). Three switchboards (0.4 kV Switchgear) of top-loaded vertical transformer substations were also refurbished on the site. In 2010 13 transformer substations were repaired on the site, in the past year — 15. By now six substations of this type have been repaired.

“The advantage of repair on the site of the Districts of Electrical Networks, firstly, is the quality (availability of electric welding, a compressor, materials, etc.), and secondly, the reduction of the period of repair and interruption of electricity supply to consumers. Third, such repairs are performed 70% by first responding crew staff and made under the supervision of direct management. During operation of the repaired package transformer substations on the sites of the Districts no equipment failure was observed”- clarified Chief of Monastyrschinsky DEN Yury Sysoev.

An important issue raised at the meeting was the organization of internal quality control, increasing the level of equipment operation, production safety, implementation of key performance indicators of industrial activity (such as system reliability, injuries).

Another topical issue was assessment of the activity of the Districts of Electrical Networks in 2011, which was conducted by scores on the following criteria: repairs, accidents, diagnostics, health and safety, complaints about the quality of electrical energy, arrangements for the orders and regulations.

It was decided to hold such activities on a quarterly basis. This will not only contribute to the understanding of a structured and coherent picture of each DEN operation, but the exchange of experience among districts.

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