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Lesson Topic: "Electrical safety"


Yaroslavl power engineers IDGC of Centre continue their work to prevent children’ injuries at electric grid facilities. Power engineers of Yaroslavl branch of the Company held a lesson on electrical safety in high school of Arefinsky rural settlement of Rybinsk district of the Yaroslavl region.

The class was held for pupils of grade 4-5. The lesson began traditionally with a story what electric current was and why you needed it. The children guessed riddles, answered questions about electricity, referred to their known electrical appliances. The main part of the lesson included a detailed analysis of the requirements for electrical safety rules for handling electrical appliances and the behavior near power facilities.

The power engineers paid their special attention to ensure that children have learned the simple truth: to approach electrical installations is life threatening. The children were shown warning signs and explained to what to do when they saw them. The power engineers explained the threat posed by faulty appliances, exposed wire, and what a game in the protection zone along power lines or in the premises of power grid facilities could result in. Also, the experts of Yarenergo showed the pupils protection gear of personnel, without which even professionals do not enter any electric grid facilities. To better remember the lesson by the children, the power engineers presented the school with posters on electrical safety, which will hang in the classroom corners.

With the help of a dummy-simulator “Gosha” Yaroslavl power engineers showed the pupils the rules to provide first aid to the victim. The system of mechanical and electronic sensors of the simulator allows to work out the proper technique for the implementation of artificial respiration and chest compressions.

The obtained knowledge of the lesson will allow the children not only to avoid dangerous effect of electricity, and, if necessary, to help other people.

“Yarenergo pays special attention to promoting electrical safety. One of the most effective forms is to conduct training on the basics of electrical safety at schools, summer camps and boarding houses of the region, to ensure that children clearly understood the danger of electrical shock and learned the rules of electrical safety. This is an important part of the branch’s activity to prevent injury to third-party persons at electric grid facilities”, — noted Head of Production Control and Safety of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division Ivan Chernov.

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