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Young specialists of Voronezhenergo visited the Novovoronezh nuclear power plant


At the initiative of the Voronezh Regional Trade Union Committee and the Youth Council of IDGC of Centre — Voronezhenergo division organized a sightseeing tour to the Novovoronezh nuclear power plant (NV NPP) for its young technical employees.

During the tour the young power engineers visited the reactor compartment hall, turbine island, unit control room, following the main stages of electrical energy generation.

After the visit to operating NPP-1 the specialists of Voronezhenergo went to NPP-2 that is under construction, where they saw the tallest facility at the old and new site of the nuclear power plant — the first cooling tower, which had already reached the 100-meter mark and is planned to reach its design height — 171 meters.

According to Chairman of the Voronezh regional organization "Russian Electric Trade Union «Evgeny Pronyaev, such trips are necessary for young specialists to refresh their knowledge gained in educational institutions, practice, to better understand the process of generation of electric energy, in the transmission of which they participate. «It promotes the formation of a unified picture of the functioning of the power system, which, undoubtedly, has a positive effect on their professional development» — stressed Evgeny Pronyaev.

Currently, one of Russia’s oldest nuclear power plants has 3 units in operation with a total electrical capacity of 1834 MW. Electricity, which is generated by the Novovoronezh nuclear power plant, covers 90% of the demand of the Voronezh region and is transmitted primarily to consumers by power engineers of Voronezhenergo.

Chairman of the Youth Council, Dmitry Dorovskikh stressed that he as a young power engineer was excited to see one of the largest industrial enterprises in the region in operation and in practice to get acquainted with the features of electrical energy generation.

Apart from getting acquainted with the work of NV NPP the tour helped the employees of Voronezhenergo to establish strong business and friendly relations between the power companies involved in power generation and participating in its transmission. The specialists agreed to share industry news and participate in joint events in both of production and cultural character.

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