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The quality of electric energy is under control of Yaroslavl power engineers


Department of metrology and quality of electric energy of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division summed up the metrological provision for production in 2011. One of the objectives of this work is to obtain accurate data on the quality and quantity of transmitted electricity.

In 2011, employees of the branch organized a calibration testing of 343 measuring devices, 217 commercial electricity meters, 176 current measuring transformers and 109 voltage measuring transformers. Also, Yaroslavl power engineers calibrated 2174 measuring devices, 291 meters, 343 current measuring transformers and 317 telemetry channels of information-measuring systems of the branch. In addition, 997 measurement instruments and 303 metering devices were repaired.

Following the periodic accreditation of four measuring laboratories last May, Department of metrology and quality of electric energy of Yarenergo received the accreditation certificate for the right to perform calibration testing, issued by the base organization of Metrology Service of IDGC of Centre for a 5 years’ period. Among the organizational and technical activities undertaken by the department last year, was a metrological examination of 25 projects for reconstruction, modernization and construction of substations of the branch, site tests in 10 structural units of Yarenergo and inspection of the state of meters in Districts of Electrical Networks.

IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division regularly measures the quality of electricity and if necessary, develops corrective actions to bring them into conformity with the norm. In 2011 Yaroslavl power engineers performed these measurements at 317 points of control and went to check the quality of electricity on customers’ requests.

«Electrical energy — it is also a product that has its own quality standards. Our work aims to ensure that electricity, transmitted over networks of Yaroslavl branch, complies with GOST on all parameters», — noted Head of Department of metrology and quality of electric energy — Chief Metrologist of IDGC of Centre -Yarenergo division Dmitry Buchkin.

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