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Belgorodenergo spent more than 3.4 million rubles for the implementation of its environmental policy in 2011


In 2011, IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division as part of the implementation of its environmental policy performed 31 environmental measures for environmental protection, protection of wildlife and sustainable utilization of natural resources. 3.4 million rubles was spent on it, which is 12% more than in 2010. The aim of these measures is to reduce the negative impact on the environment while improving the level of environmental safety at the facilities of the electric grid complex of the branch.

The environmental policy of IDGC of Centre is aimed, first of all, to comply with standards of pollutants emission in the atmosphere and standards of waste generation and disposal limits. About 2.2 million rubles last year was spent on protecting air, land and water, and 1.1 million rubles — on the transfer of waste to specialized organizations.

Recycling and disposal of used mercury-containing lamps, solid and liquid wastes, the transfer of ferrous and nonferrous metals is carried out under contracts concluded with specialized organizations.

Experts of the centralized laboratory of analytical control and technical measurements performed quality control of air and soil in the temporary sites of waste storage, the state of stormwater, snowmelt, and domestic water for their excess of maximum permissible concentrations and issued appropriate protocols of quantitative chemical analysis of all structural units of Belgorodenergo.

Relevant certificates have been developed for all types of waste. All employees who handle hazardous waste received certificates for the right to treat them. In addition, draft code provisions for maximum allowable emissions have been updated for four structural units of the branch.

Last year Belgorodenergo paid particular attention to the modernization of power equipment. Such events increase the reliability of power facilities, exclude failures, which may result in a possible release of oil, adversely affecting the environment. In particular, within the investment program power engineers performed a stage by stage replacement of oil circuit breakers for modern vacuum and gas-insulated, make scheduled maintenance of oil receiving devices of transformers, drainage devices and oil-filled equipment.

«Reducing harmful impact on the environment, as well as possible improvement of the environment by switching to a new, more advanced and safer technology, an integrated approach to the use of natural resources are the basic principles of the environmental policy of IDGC of Centre, — said Head of Production Control and Safety Office of the branch Vladimir Rusanov. — We strive to effectively manage environmental risks by reducing probability of emergencies, as well as taking environmental factors into account when developing new technological solutions and projects. In order to improve skills and personal environmental responsibility the company’s personnel have their training».

In efforts to improve the production environment all staff Belgorodenergo is involved. For the third consecutive year the contest for the best gardening and landscape arrangement of Districts of Electrical Networks «Green DEN» has been held. Employees of structural units of the branch compete with each other in terms of landscaping and aesthetic design of their enterprise. This contest is a real contribution of power engineers to the regional program «Green Capital» and the All-Russian campaign «IDGC Holding — for the environment protection».

In 2012 within the program of the implementation of the environmental policy it is planned to perform 33 events worth 2.3 million rubles. The funds will be used for environmental monitoring, collection and deposit of waste disposal and performance of instrumental measurements to confirm the size of the established buffer zones.

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