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Yarenergo prepares future power engineers


16 students of Ivanovo State Power Engineering Institute after V.I. Lenin had their practice at IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division. The knowledge and experience received at the branch will be the basis for the preparation of graduation dissertations and will help graduates determine the future place of work.

Diploma students became part of the Yarenergo team. They had their practice in Services of substations, diagnostics and electrical modes, Offices of technological connection, distribution and capital construction, Yaroslavl District of Electrical Networks, Department of perspective development and technological and operational Service. The choice of structural units for the practice is due to the specialty training of future power engineers. The theoretical knowledge gained at the university, they checked in the daily operation of the energy company and received material and practical experience to prepare their graduation projects.

Employees of Yarenergo, who supervised the students at their stay in the branch, showed how the goals and objectives of the structural unit are practically implemented. Production orders aimed at developing their diploma theme will enable trainees to more fully prepare for final testing at the university.

One of the objectives of externship is to make as much as possible to familiarize the future graduates with a production capacity of Yaroslavl power system and working conditions in the branch. Excursions to the 110 kV substation “North” and 110 kV “Kotorosl” were organized for the trainees, where they saw how large power grid facilities operate. The students visited the Grid Control Centre and learned how operates worked and also visited the Museum of the History of the Yaroslavl power system.

The Ivanovo’s youth got acquainted not only with how Yaroslavl power engineers work, but also with how they rest — with fun and activities. A friendly football match was played between teams of students and staff of Yarenergo.

The students met Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division director Igor Solonikov and Chief Engineer of the branch Vladimir Grigoryev. They told the students about the main challenges that the power company faces today, wished success in their studies and future profession. “For the development of the utilities industry constant modernization of operation, implementation of new equipment is required. People working in the industry must evolve with it, raise their level of knowledge”, — noted Igor Solonikov.

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