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Veterans’ Council of Kurskenergo summarized the work for the year


A reporting meeting of the Veterans’ Council was held in Kurskenergo. The event was attended by Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division director Alexander Pilyugin, Chairman of the trade union of Kurskenergo Nikolay Kalinin, members of the Council, delegates from all districts of the region, representatives of the city and regional councils of veterans.

The participants listened to the report of Chairman of the Veterans’ Council of Kurskenergo Dmitry Bozhak, considered the main activities this year.

Summarizing the work of the public organization in 2011, Dmitry Bozhak noted that the Veterans’ Council was actively attracting power engineers who are in retirement, for the days of safety, unannounced and planned inspections, and seminars with young specialists. The veterans also participated in the ceremonial openings of major energy facilities, in the various actions of patriotic and social character, in events dedicated to professional and secular holidays.

In a series of patriotic actions with the participation of Kurskenergo veterans that received great public interest — “Banner of Victory Relay”, Memory and Gratitude Relay “Homeland of Feat — Homeland of Hero”, Victory Day and others.

Chairman of the Council noted the work of many authorized representatives in Districts of Electrical Networks, who visited 156 persons celebrating their jubilee and needy veterans, organized trips to places of military glory and cultural centers in Kursk. This work was carried out in accordance with the plans created by the committees in the structure of the Council: on cultural events, cultural and general and organizational and technical issues.

At the end of his speech Dmitry Bozhak thanked the management of Kurskenergo and the trade union committee for the support of the Council’s initiatives and assistance in their implementation. He urged veterans to take the initiative to actively participate in the 2012’s events connected with the patriotic education of youth, helping seniors, preparing to celebrate the 980th anniversary of the city of Kursk, and the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Kursk Battle.

Participating in the meeting Chairman of the Veterans’ Council of the Central District of Kursk Oleg Mikheev said that the veteran organization of Kurskenergo is one of the largest in the city. Actively cooperating with the city and regional Councils of veterans, municipal authorities — representatives of Kurskenergo consolidate all the veteran movement in the region.

Alexander Pilyugin noted the great contribution of veterans to the development of the Kursk power system, preservation and multiplication of the traditions of the team, “Transferring their knowledge, experience and a high sense of responsibility for their work to younger generations, veterans of Kurskenergo perform a special mission imposed onto the public organization — said Alexander. — It is important that all the good initiatives have been developed in close collaboration with the Youth Council, Districts of Electrical Networks, where the main part of the team is. The management of Kurskenergo and the trade union committee will provide necessary assistance and support”.

For information: Veterans’s Organization of IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division was established in 2010. Currently it has 926 pensioners, 49 veterans of the Great Patriotic War, including 15 participants and 32 workers on the home front and two retired from the former juvenile prisoners. The main purpose of its activity is to meet spiritual needs, care, to protect the lawful rights and interests of veterans.

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