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Employees of Smolenskenergo taught a lesson on electrical safety for Smolensk schoolchildren


Specialists of the Department for customer interaction, production control and safety Office and Department of public relations of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division had a lesson on electrical safety for the fourth grade pupils of secondary school # 27 in Smolensk. The event was held in the framework of the Program for the Prevention of children’s electric injuries.

“Forewarned — forearmed” — think power engineers, talking to children about the proper handling of electricity. The specialists of the branch regularly conduct lessons on prevention of electrical injuries at schools and in the summer — in recreation camps. These classes greatly reduce the risk of accidents at power facilities.

Power engineers tell in details of dangers posed by electricity, explain the rules for the use of electrical household appliances and behavior while being near power facilities. For children experts of Smolenskenergo show videos and hand out brochures, colouring books and timetables on this topic.

At the lesson at school # 27 the children particularly remembered the rules of first aid for electric shock, which with the help of a simulator called Gosha were introduced to them by the employee of production control and safety Office of Smolenskenergo Victor Kadykov. The pupils learned the functioning principles of the presented simulator and devices that help to determine the correctness of the performed during resuscitation activities. These devices include signal lights installed in the “body” of the dummy. One of them indicates the proper performance of the inspiratory ventilation (with the right inspiration the blue light is on), the other indicates a successful push for the chest with chest compressions (the yellow lamp is on).

“The children listened to the expert with interest, asking questions related to the work of power engineers and the observance of safety rules near power facilities. Such exercises we, teachers, consider useful and needed, since it is the power engineers who can talk about proper behavior with electricity in the most details. I’m sure the children and teachers learned a lot of useful information and remembered the rules of electrical safety, which the experts spoke about”- said Head teacher of educational work Svetlana Goncharova.

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