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Specialists of Kostromaenergo care about kids’ safety


In the framework of the Program for the prevention of children’s electric injuries at power facilities Kostroma power engineers of IDGC of Centre conduct lessons for electric safety in kindergartens. First of all, experts of Kostromaenergo have explanatory discussions with the staff of kindergartens.

By emphasizing the need to warn children about the dangers of electric current, power engineers told the rules to kindergartners about being near power facilities, teach them to “read” warning signs, explain the basics for safe operation of household electrical appliances.

Particular attention is paid to teaching adult on resuscitation a person, injured with electric shock. Kostroma power engineers to carry out practical training with kindergartners on a mannequin-simulator Gosha. Also, employees of kindergartens are explained the features of resuscitation of children.

“Last year, the staff of IDGC of Centre -Kostromaenergo division had lessons on electric safety in schools and specialized secondary educational establishments of all districts of the Kostroma region. The new 2012 year we have started with the prevention of electric injuries with the youngest residents of our region. Educators of childcare establishments bear a huge responsibility and they should be prepared for any situation”, — comments Head of production control and safety Office of Kostromaenergo Vladimir Karpachev.

In addition, employees of Kostromaenergo share with kindergartners their own experience of training with kids. The posters and flyers, CDs with cartoons on prevention of electric injuries, brought by power engineers and prepared by IDGC of Centre specially for children, help kindergartners to make conversation with the kids interesting and informative.

“We are very grateful to the specialists of Kostromaenergo for the conducted lesson — says Head of kindergarten # 75 of the city of Kostroma Irina Kvasova. — It is not our first communication with the Kostroma power engineers, in the summer last year they had two classes on electric safety with children of senior and preparation for school groups. Our kids and staff got a lot of useful information that can be applied in everyday life as well as transfer knowledge to their pupils”.

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