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Belgorodenergo implemented its last year’s investment program in full


IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division implemented its investment program for 2011 in full. Capital assets were used to reconstruct the supply centers and construct electricity networks in the micro-districts of individual housing construction. In order to improve the reliability of electricity supply of customers power engineers constructed and reconstructed more than 1,500 km of 0,4-110 kV power lines.

The main projects of the year were the comprehensive reconstruction of high-voltage substations (SS) “Chemical Plant”, “Belgorod” and “Dredge”, which is due to the need for moral and physical wear and tear of its equipment. In fact, the substations were constructed anew: the outdoor switchgears and equipment of bus sections were completely replaced, the outdated oil switches were replaced with modern vacuum and gas-insulated ones, the electro-mechanical relay protection panels were replaced with microprocessor ones.

Due to the reconstruction the reliability of power supply of important social and industrial facilities of Belgorod and Shebekino significantly increased. Such socially important facilities like the airport, bus station, Belgorod State University and Regional Hospital are fed from the 110 kV substation “Belgorod”, from the 35 kV substation “Dredge”, in particular, electricity will be supplied to the hotel complex “Belogorie” and a designed zoo in the village of Sosnovka. To increase the power capacity of the Belgorod sapphires plant “Monocrystal”, power engineers in accordance with a contract for technological connection, upgraded the 110 kV substation “Chemical Plant” located in the town of Shebekino.

In 2011, the work continued on the replacement of 35-110 kV power transformers at the feeding centers in order to eliminate the power deficit in the region. As a result, the total capacity of power transformers at substations increased by 36.3 MVA and was 3293.4 MVA. In addition, the power engineers installed 11 devices 6-10 kV for capacitive currents compensation for at 110 kV SS. This will significantly improve the reliability of high voltage equipment in case of single-phase earth faults and therefore improve the quality of electricity supply to consumers. Also specialist of the branch upgraded equipment for fault location in the grid of 6-110 kV and automatic switching of power transformer on-load tape changers (OLTC).

According to Deputy director of the branch for capital construction Gleb Levakov, in general, the successful implementation of the investment program ensured optimal preparation of the electric grid for trouble-free operation during the autumn and winter peak loads, as well as made it possible to meet the growing needs of manufacturing, agriculture and housing sectors of the economy for more capacity, substantially to increase the reliability of electricity supply in the region.

In 2012 it is planned to reconstruct twelve 35-110 kV substations and construct a new 110 kV substation in Rakityansky district. Under the contracts for technological connection power engineers will fully modernize power equipment in 35 kV substations “Slonovka”, “Artelnoye”, “Yarskoye”, which supply electricity to agribusiness companies: “Pearl of Oskol” LLC, sow farm Bulanovsky OJSC “Belgorod bacon” and more than 30 socially significant facilities.

As a pilot project specialists of the branch will equip a power line section in the area of Shebekinsky DEN with fault detectors and construct 15 weather stations. Weather stations will help in real time to obtain information about the direction of movement of cyclones and possible precipitation, wind strength and other weather disasters that could adversely affect the operation of electrical equipment. Fault detectors, in turn, are designed for quick and accurate fault location and state monitoring of 6-35 kV overhead lines. The use of such devices, according to experts, should significantly reduce the time of outages elimination.

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