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The Council of Veterans of Smolenskenergo summed up its work in 2011


The Council of Veterans of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division summed up the activity in the past year. The work of the Council of Veterans of Smolenskenergo last year following the results of the reporting meeting was recognized satisfactory.

The Council of Veterans, approved in early 2011, included 25 people. Victor Frolov was elected Chairman of the Council, Nikolay Laskov — Deputy, Valentina Kozhevnikova — Secretary. In 2012, the Council will have the same personnel.

Veterans were traditionally active in the work and activities of the branch: career-oriented work with schoolchildren and students, conducting safety days in Districts of Electrical Networks. For two consecutive years, the Council members were direct participants in the patriotic event IDGC Holding — “Banner of Victory Relay”. Within the event veterans visited many war memorials of the Smolensk region.

In 2011, the Council continued its active interaction with the primary trade union organization of IDGC of Centre, the Council for work with young people and the management of the branch.

As part of the 50th anniversary of space flight by Yury Gagarin, the trade union committee organized a trip for veterans to the native land of the first cosmonaut — city of Gagarin (Gzhatsk), where they visited the house-museum, the exhibition “Gagarin Spring”, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the first manned mission the space.

Much work was carried out by the Council of Veterans together with HR department of the branch for collecting information about dynasties of Smolensk power engineers in three generations. For the Power Engineers’ Day the booth was decorated of five dynasties of the branch.

Caring for the older generation is an integral part of the branch. The management of the branch organizes traditional thematic meetings for veterans dedicated to Victory Day, the professional holiday of power engineers, provides material support to former employees of the electric distribution grid complex of the region.

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