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In 2011, IDGC of Centre - Kurskenergo division transferred 564.9 million rubles to the budgets of different levels


IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division — one of the largest taxpayers of the Kursk region. Last year the tax deductions of Kurskenergo were as follows: 309.6 million rubles were transferred to the federal budget (including VAT — 295.0 million rubles, profit tax — 14.6 million rubles), to the regional budget — 243.9 million rubles (profit tax — 136.1 million rubles, property tax — 21.2 million rubles, PIT — 84.2 million rubles, transport tax — 2.4 million rubles), to the local budget — 11.4 million rubles (land tax).

In addition, in 2011 the branch transferred 199.1 million rubles to extra-budgetary funds, including 162.3 million rubles — to the pension fund, 31.7 billion rubles — for health insurance and 5.1 million rubles — for social of insurance.

By providing the cash flow in the budgets of different levels the branch is one of the sources of financing important social and economic projects in the Kursk region.

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