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Orelenergo delivered about 2 billion kWh of electricity for 2011 to its consumers


The volume of services for the transmission of electric energy of IDGC of Centre — Orelenergo division for the past year amounted to 1.9 billion kWh, which is 41.1 million kWh (2.12%) more than in 2010.

The growth of productive supply is associated with active construction of sites in the region and the commissioning of new facilities. The largest consumers of Orelenergo last year were OJSC “RZD” (the share of electricity consumption — 4.9%), Main Oil Pipelines “Druzhba” — 4.6%, OJSC “Mtsensk Foundry” — 4.3%, CJSC “Velor” — 3.9% (manufacture of construction materials), OJSC “Avtoagregat” — 1.6% (machinery manufacturing).

Electricity losses in the grid of the branch in 2011 in comparable terms, taking into account the rent of Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Mtsensk city electric networks” have declined year on year by 17.5 million kWh, which is compared with an annual electricity consumption of OJSC “Prompribor”. The effect of interventions aimed at reducing losses in 2011 totaled 16.4 million kWh, including the expense of organizational and technical measures and actions aimed at improving the commercial and technical metering.

“Optimization of the energy losses in IDGC of Centre has been adopted as a priority in the management of costs in the delivery of electricity. The main influence on the reduction of losses in electric networks is made through the activities aimed at eliminating technical failures in the commercial metering of electricity, installation of meters on the facades of buildings to include into the AMR system, the replacement of the wire to a larger section on congested power lines, replacement of overloaded transformers and aluminum wire for self-supporting insulated wire”- noted Head of electricity transmission services sales Office of Orelenergo Yury Azarov.

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