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Tambov power engineers of IDGC of Centre told reporters about the features of the operation during the autumn-winter period


IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division held a press conference for representatives of regional print and electronic media, which purpose was to inform the public about activities of the branch during the autumn-winter period.

Deputy Chief Engineer — Head of productive assets management Center of IDGC of Centre -Tambovenergo division Gennady Kosenkov, addressing the reporters said: «Natural disasters in the winter are a kind of test for reliability of companies, including the utilities. The coming of winter is not a surprise to us — we are always prepared for any situation. Operators are on duty round the clock and emergency repair crews go quickly if needed to power facilities».

During the year Tambovenergo repairs substations and power equipment, power lines, clears and expands ROWs in the protected zones of conductors. Emergency stock of equipment and materials is regularly restocked. Last year, the fleet of Tambovenergo had 21 new pieces of motor and special vehicles, in the current year more than 30 vehicles are expected to come.

The event reflected the main points of cooperation and collaboration with the State Russian Emergencies Ministry of the Tambov region in emergency situations caused by adverse weather conditions. In such situations, life necessities of people depend on the efficiency and coherence of power engineers and professionals of EMERCOM. In the course of regular emergency response training and production meetings the coordination of interaction of all involved in the liquidation of failures is practiced and the parties discuss mechanisms to work together to prevent and eliminate operational failures in electricity networks, which may occur due to abnormal climatic events or natural disasters.

High-quality and reliable power supply is a priority for the branch, and in the winter time this issue is given special attention. Significant role during the operation in the autumn-winter period is given to informing the public about high availability of power engineers to emergency and recovery efforts in the event of an emergency.

Head of Customer Relationship Management Office Alexander Demin told the present about the direct Power Hot Line in operation in IDGC of Centre at 8-800-50-50-115. The official website of IDGC of Centre has the Guide for consumers of electricity during emergency outages and schedule of planned outages.

The branch established a clear and effective system of interaction with heads of districts, with the bodies of EMERCOM in the event of an emergency. Power engineers, representatives of authorities, EMERCOM agencies work for the people so that in their homes there will light and warmth in any season, any possible weather conditions or an emergency.

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