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The best units of Belgorodenergo have been selected following the results of 2011


The results of the annual competition among units of IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division for the title of the best one following their work in 2011 have been summed up. This time, for the first time in addition to Districts of Electrical Networks (DEN) sites of high-voltage grid Office, Services of diagnostics, relay protection, automation and metrology also took part in the competition.

The winners among the Districts of Electrical Networks were identified in their categories, depending on the amount of power equipment maintained: I category includes DEN, which services more than 10 000 conventional units, II category — 5000 conventional units, III — at least 5 000.

Among the Districts of the first category with a score of 2585 points the best was Gubkinsky DEN. In the second category won Krasnogvardeysky DEN that has got 2510 points, the third is Veydelevsky DEN with the result of 2730 points. Gubkinsky and Krasnogvardeysky DEN had become the winners of the competition many times.

According to Chief of Gubkinsky DEN Alexander Belousov, high professionalism of employees, the general attitude to achieving optimal results allows to become a leader and achieve better performance.

The title of “Best site of High Voltage Grid Office” was the eastern site of substations Service (1465 points). In diagnostics Service the eastern site was recognized as the best (1620 points). The winner among the sites of relay protection and automation of relay protection, automation and metrology Service was the northern site (1870 points). The prize-winners received diplomas and cash prizes.

The main objective of the competition is to achieve a high technical and economic performance, increased reliability of power equipment, improvement of work with personnel, prevention of injuries and improved working conditions.

The general indicators, through which all the units participating in the competition were evaluated, was the availability, timeliness and quality of technical and operational documentation, staffing with tools, protective equipment, clothing of the personnel, health and fire-safe state of production facilities, proper storage of stock in the warehouses and open sites.

The main criteria for determining the winners among the DENs was the plan for making contracts for technological connection, the lack of incidents due to poor maintenance of equipment, reduction of energy losses, maintenance of outdoor lighting, performing repair and maintenance of distribution networks, the specific damageability of power lines of 0.4-10 kV voltage and clearing up ROWs along overhead power lines.

Among the criteria that determined the winner among the sites of High-Voltage Grid Office, included assessing the specific damageability of 35-110 kV overhead lines. Additional parameters for the competition for the relay protection and automation Service was the implementation of planned volume of maintenance of 35-110 kV power lines and implementing the program of repairs of relay protection devices. Important criteria among sites of diagnostics Service were the implementation of the plan of diagnostics work and achievement of the indicator of the 6-10 kV equipment failure rate.

In Belgorodenergo the competition has been held starting from 1999. Its goal is to identify strong and weak sides of each unit, to make their work more efficient in the future. From 2012 sites of IT and SCADA facilities operation Service will also participate in the competition.

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