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IDGC of Centre increases the reliability of power supply of the sports center "Demino"


IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division has completed the reconstruction of the high-voltage power line (PL) 35kV «Shashkovo-Left bank». The implementation of the project was part of the investment program of the branch in 2011. 47 million rubles were spent on the reconstruction.

The main consumer that is fed with this line is the sports center «Demino» in the Yaroslavl region. This major sporting and tourist site is actively developing and needs a lot of reserve capacity. The reconstruction of the line is due to the need to increase the reliability and capacity of electrical networks.

During the work, which lasted from June to December, the reconstruction of 15.5 km of a single circuit 35 kV conductor section «Shashkovo-Left bank» was performed, it was replaced with a double circuit 35 kV overhead line similar to the length of the existing line. As a result of the replacement of the wire type AC-35 for the wire type AC-120 the total capacity of the line increased. In addition, in the turns of the line, its intersection with highways and other complex sites 19 reinforced concrete anchor poles were replaced with metal ones.

In total 120 poles were replaced along the overhead line «Shashkovo-Left bank». Modern polymer insulators type LK-35/3 were installed. To prevent operation failures caused by falling trees onto the wire due to natural phenomena, the ROW expansion was performed along the existing ROW. At the entry of the 35/10 substation «Demino» and 110/35/6-10 «Left bank» a ground wire was installed on line.

The construction of the double circuit line is the first stage of the power supply circuit implementation for the supply substation «Demino» with two transformers. In future it is planned to reconstruct the substation «Left bank» in the city of Rybinsk. After the program implementation the power supply of the substation «Demino» will be from two power lines. This circuit will increase the reliability of power supply, since in case of failure of one power line the second one will continue its operation.

For your information:

The sports and recreation center «Demino» is located in the beautiful, environmentally friendly surroundings on the bank of the Volga. There are 10 ski runs on its territory, one of Europe’s largest ski stadium and facilities of modern tourist infrastructure. Four years in a row «Demino» is the venue for one of the World Cup cross-country skiing stages.

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