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Bryansk power engineers of IDGC of Centre celebrated their professional holiday


IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division held a solemn event dedicated to the Power Engineers’ Day and the seven years from the date of the incorporation of Interregional Distribution Grid Company of Centre.

Participants were congratulated by Acting Chief Accountant — Head of accounting and taxation and reporting Department of IDGC of Centre Marina Danilova, Deputy Chairman of the Bryansk Regional Duma Mikhail Podobedov, Director of the fuel and energy complex and housing and communal services of the Bryansk region Alexey Tolstoy and Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Bryansk region Nikolay Tuzhikov.

Opening the solemn ceremony, Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division director Nikolay Burenok congratulated his colleagues, veterans with their professional holiday and said: «A great team of professionals works in Bryanskenergo, that is why our team can solve any problems. I thank you, dear friends, for your work and congratulate you on the occasion. I can assure you and management of IDGC of Center and residents of the Bryansk region that specialists of the division perform their duties at a high level, supplying electricity for the development of the region’s economy and the growing needs of our countrymen».

Marina Danilova, handing out industry awards to employees of Bryanskenergo in connection with their professional holiday, noted that honors and thanks — evidence of great personal contribution to the development of fuel-energy complex and long-term conscientious work of employees of the division.

Gratitude of the Ministry of Energy was awarded to Chief of Krasnogorsky DEN Alexander Dolgiy, Senior Engineer of relay protection, automation, measurement, and metrology Service of Bryanskenergo Valery Narozhnyi, letters of thanks of General Director of IDGC of Centre were awarded to Senior Engineers of distribution networks Office of Bryanskenergo Konstantin Yevtushenko and Chief Inspector of technical inspection Department of Bryanskenergo Vladimir Ostapenko. Badge «For high achievements in sports» was received by Specialist of social relations Department of Bryanskenergo Pavel Tsykunov.

The honorary title of Best Specialist of the Division was awarded to Senior Engineer of relay protection, automation, measurement, and metrology Service of Bryanskenergo Andrey Rumyantsev, Electricians for overhead power lines repair of high-voltage grid Office of Bryanskenergo Ivan Laputin and Vyacheslav Komarov were named the best in the profession. The honorary title «Veteran of IDGC of Centre» was awarded to Electricians of a mobile crew of Bryanskenergo Vladimir Kolesnikov and Peter Tarusov. Gratitude of IDGC of Centre was awarded to Engineer of electricity metering Office of Bryanskenergo Sergey Shvydko.

Letter of thanks to the staff Bryanskenergo was presented to Division Director Nikolay Burenka by Vice-Chairman of the Bryansk Regional Duma Mikhail Podobedov. The letter, signed by Chairman of the Bryansk Regional Duma Vladimir Gaidukov, said: «I express my gratitude for your contribution to the development of the power system in the region. Your staff is inherent in the experience, professionalism and responsibility. With your hard work you have earned great respect among residents of the region».

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