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Smolenskenergo checked its level of power equipment loading


IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division operated with its maximum daily load. This event is performed by power engineers in order to check the loading of power equipment, to assess the reserve capacity for connection to electric networks for new customers, to determine “unavailable” supply substations, to perform calculations and to identify locations of energy losses. Maximum Operation Day is performed twice a year at the same time throughout the energy system of Russia.

During the maximum operation day 20 substations of the division use an automated information-measuring system for monitoring and metering (AMR), which provides simultaneous and accurate readings.

“This system allows you to remotely measure the basic electrical parameters of electrical installations in real time. This simplifies the collection of information on power facilities and its analysis, documentation, minimizes the human factor and possibility of errors in the measurements. Taking readings this way mainly saves our main resource — the staff, allowing already now to unload about 40 people that day. I am confident that the development of AMR and availability of such a system at all substations of the division in the future will reduce the costs of the maximum operation day to the lowest possible to obtain accurate information in an interactive mode”, — noted Chief of electric modes Service of Smolenskenergo Alexey Magon.

During the maximum operation day power flows in the Smolensk power system are also monitored. To do this readings are taken from substations of 330 kV and higher voltage of Bryansk Transmission Grid Company, a subsidiary of FGC UES.

According to the results of the maximum operation day proposals will be developed to replace some equipment, schedules of emergency restrictions of consumers for 2012-2013 will be created, which will prevent contingencies. Indicators of the maximum operation day will also help to develop measures to reduce losses and will be incorporated in the design of future development schemes of electrical networks.

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