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The first stage of reconstruction of the substation 110/6 kV "Hothouse" is complete


Power engineers of IDGC of Centre — Kurskenergo division have completed the first stage of reconstruction of the substation (PS) 110 / 6 kV “Hothouse”, which is the feeding center for the consumers of social, communal, agricultural and industrial sectors in the district of Magistralny proezd of the city of Kursk. The modernization of the facility will increase the reliability of electricity supply in Seymsky borough of the regional center, and will reserve capacity for electricity supply.

At the power facility the obsolete electrical equipment is replaced for modern, high wear and tear resistance one that meets all technological requirements.

Currently, a new transformer 110/6/6 kV, 25 MVA and a switchgear 6 kV of modular design is installed and put into operation at the substation. After the successful comprehensive testing the division’s staff is rerouting consumer cables 6 kV from the old complete distribution device of external installation 6 kV of SS 110/6 “Hothouse” and SS 35/6 “Kislinskaya”.

During the project, instead of two adjacent SS 35/6 “Kislinskaya” and SS 110/6 “Hothouse” for a total capacity of 36 MVA, it is planned to have one with the installation of two power transformers 25 MVA each, a 6 kV switchgear of modular design with four bus sections.

It is planned to install modern gas-insulated equipment and supply power to the new substation from two 110 kV overhead lines from the substation 110/35/6 “Fiber”. To do this, at the power facility an extra bay with a 110 kV gas-insulated circuit-breaker has been installed and a 35 kV overhead power line is being reconstructed with its change to 110 kV voltage. In addition, SS “Hothouse” will have an automated metering system of electricity installed, which will reduce electricity losses in networks of Kurskenergo.

Modern devices for protection, control and emergency control are used at the installed equipment, which are combined multifunction devices that integrate a variety of protection features, measuring, monitoring, local and remote control.

“The need for construction of new power facilities, reconstruction of power lines and substations in the district of Magistralny proezd is due to the fact that energy-intensive industries are being constructed there — a confectionery, a printing plant, a meat processing plant, a highway and housing is being actively developed. They require additional capacity, and Kurskenergo, anticipating it, creates necessary conditions for technological connection of new customers to its grid. All work on the reconstruction of SS 110/6 kV ‘Hothouse’ is scheduled for completion in June 2012”, — said Deputy Director for Technical Issues — Chief Engineer of the division Alexander Rudnevsky.

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