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Theft of electricity reduces the quality of power supply in the region


IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division conducts systematic work to identify and prevent electricity consumption without metering and contracts. For 10 months of 2011 Yaroslavl power engineers have obtained compensation for 1 877 cases of electricity theft in the amount of 20.4 million kWh.

From January till October 2011, the division’s employees drew up 1723 acts of electricity consumption without metering in the amount of 24.4 million kWh. Thus, the compensation amount of non-metered electricity supply was 83.8 percent. In the same period last year the figure was 58.8 percent.

Paying customers in good faith suffer from the actions of citizens who connect illegally to the grid or violate the metering system. Theft of electric energy affects primarily the amount of losses of a grid company. The quality of power supply also decreases and there is a risk of failure of electrical appliances. In addition, technological connection without a grid company is performed by non-professionals. In such cases, unauthorized connections to the grid may lead to improper operation of grid facilities and electric shock.

Most of these cases were identified during the inspection of meters, which is regularly carried out in Districts of Electrical Networks and raids to prevent unauthorized connections to distribution networks. In addition, Yarenergo received 87 calls from customers about theft of electricity, with the largest number of customers who contacted via the Direct Power Hot Line of IDGC of Centre. Calling 8800 50 50 115 (toll free), customers can get any information about the work of power engineers or report cases of illegal connection to electric networks.

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