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Tambov power engineers of IDGC of Center have carried out before the term the annual program on ROW clearing along conductors


In the framework of preparation for the autumn-winter period in 2011, IDGC of Center -Tambovenergo division paid a special attention to the work of ROW clearing along conductors off trees and shrubs. The plan to clear up and expand ROWs was 524.3 ha in 2011. It included the ROWs expansion by 20 hectares, which is 23% more than the actual data in 2010. The ROWs clearing along power lines is being carried out by means of own resources and contractors.

At the moment the implementation of ROW clearing along conductors has made up 517.6 hectares in terms of 504.3 ha as planned, that is by 2.6% more than the target figures. The work on expanding the ROWs by 20 hectares was completed in September 2011 — a month ahead of the schedule.

Such a large scale of ROW clearing can be explained by the fact that the greater part of overhead power lines in the Tambov region passes through the forest zone. The proximity of trees and shrubs to power facilities may cause technological failures in the power system. To avoid this, the branch is implementing a target program to clear up the ROWs along overhead power lines.

In 2011IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division first began to apply the technology of utilizing logging residues after ROWs clearing by means of grinding into chips using a mulcher.

“We pay great attention to the prevention of contingencies at conductors, so our specialists clear regularly ROWs along overhead lines and trees trimming .Such activities can not only reduce the risk of breaks and long-term power outages, but also minimize power losses,”- said Deputy Director for Technical Issues — Chief Engineer of IDGC of Center — Tambovenergo division Alexander Zamotay.

Work on ROWs clearing along conductors is performed in the framework of preparation for the next autumn-winter peak loads. Thanks to the performed activities the reliability of power supply of the Tambov region will be significantly improved.

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