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The winners of the contest "Energy of the Belgorod region in the mass media mirror" were decided


The winners of the annual journalist contest «Energy of the Belgorod region in the mass media mirror» were awarded. The event was organized traditionally by IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division, the Union of Journalists of the Belgorod region, a subsidiary of OJSC «Quadra»-«Belgorod regional generation» and OJSC «Belgorod Retail Company».

The event was attended by Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division director Victor Filatov, Director of OJSC «Quadra»-«Belgorod regional generation» Mikhail Chefranov, General Director of OJSC «Belgorod Retail Company» Maxim Kirpilev, Head of Press and Broadcasting of the Belgorod region — Chairman of the Journalists’ Union of the Belgorod region Alexander Khodeev.

Victor Filatov, handing out the awards, thanked journalists for their active participation in the contest and objective coverage of events occurring in the energy sector. «This year is for us under the sign of the 50th anniversary of the Belgorod power system, so the media coverage of our work is especially important. Power engineers do everything so that residents of the region always have heat and light, and journalists, in turn, help to tell what the utilities industry is today, objectively covering the events occurring in the industry», — noted Victor Filatov.

Every year the number of entries increases. Thus, 183 materials were received in 2009, last year — 422, this time the experts’ panel reviewed 495 entries. Among them there are 435 newspaper publications and 60 stories. In determining the winners were the relevance of the affected subjects, professionalism, objectivity and depth of the topic disclosure was taken into account. Around 40 mass media participated in the contest, presenting their work in various genres: articles, picture stories, interviews, sketches, essays.

the Jubilee topic took a special place this year. For the first time in the history of the contest it was decided to award the Grand Prix «For best media coverage of the 50th anniversary of the Belgorod power system», which was given to the newspaper «Dawn» (Stary Oskol). In the same category the following newspapers were distinguished «The Banner of Labor» (Biryuch, 1st place), «Forward» (Novooskolsky district, 2nd place) and «Rovenskaya Niva» (3rd place).

TV Company «Belgorod» took first place in the nomination «Best creative solution for the coverage of energy issues». Second place — the newspaper «Arguments and Facts of Belgorod». Third place was shared by the newspaper «Business Center» (Stary Oskol) and «Clear key» (Korochansky district).

The newspaper «Belgorod pravda» won in the nomination «For a number of publications in the regional, city and district media about energy». Second place — the newspaper «Our Belgorod», the third place — the newspaper «Red October» (Volokonovsky district) and «The Way of October» (Staryoskolsky district).

TVR company «Mir Belogorya» took first place in the nomination «For a series of reports on radio and TV on energy issues», second place — TVC «White City».

In the nomination «For raising public awareness of energy» the best was the newspaper «Victory» (Stroitel.), «Flame» (Veydelevsky district, 2nd place). Third place was shared by the newspaper «Native Land» (Graivoronsky district) and the «New time» (Gubkin).

In the nomination «For the social aspect and relevance of publications on energy» the best was the newspaper «Valuiskaya Star» (Valuyki, 1st place). The second prize was shared by the edition «Life-being» (Belgorod) and «Change» (Belgorod). The newspaper «Unity» (Belgorod) won 3rd place.

In the nomination «For fastness and objectivity in covering energy topics» the leader was the News Agency «Bel. Ru». The second place — News Agency «Mediatron», the third place was Information and Entertainment Portal «bel. FM. ru».

In addition, individual awards were handed out to Alexander Chuvilin (newspaper «Banner», Belgorod district) for the best coverage for the 50th Anniversary of the Belgorod power system and Vadim Tsyganko (newspaper «Call», Borisovsky district) for the best essay on the employees and veterans of the 50th Anniversary of the Belgorod power system. For active interaction with PR department of IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division Oleg Goncharenko («Belgorod pravda») and Svetlana Nikitina (TVRC «Mir Belogoriya», office in Valuyki) were marked. For professional video stories about a power engineer operators Vladislav Pluzhnik (TVRC «Mir Belogoriya») and Artem Antonov (STRC Belgorod) were acknowledged.

A number of editions received credit for the periodic media coverage of the activities of power companies. This is the newspaper «Belgorodskiye Izvestia», «News of Oskol» (Stary Oskol), «Dawn» (Alexeevsky and Krasnensky districts), «Rodina» (Ivnyansky district), «Red Banner» (Shebekino), «Rural spaces» (Gubkinsky district), «Origins» (Prokhorovsky district), «Our life» (Rakityansky and Krasnoyaruzhsky districts), Belgorod city portal «vBelgorode. com» and Internet portal «KaviCom. ru» (Stary Oskol).

The traditional contest «Energy of the Belgorod region in the mass media mirror» not only helps to identify the most talented journalists, capable in a thorough and accessible form to present any information on the topic of energy, but also attracts the attention of inhabitants of the region to the industry.

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