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Safety of children comes first


Specialists of IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division are actively working to prevent children’s electric injuries. Yaroslavl power engineers regularly conduct electrical safety lessons in schools, summer camps, orphan homes and tell the children about how to avoid the danger posed by the electricity.

In 2011, specialists of Yarenergo taught more than a hundred lessons on electrical safety. One of the last was organized for the fifth grade of secondary school # 3 of the city of Rostov in the Yaroslavl region. The children learned about the rules of safe handling of electrical appliances and that the electricity supply facilities are not an acceptable place to play and display one’s curiosity. Power engineers showed children plates and special signs that warn about the danger of electric shock, and told them what to do if a person was close to a broken electric wire.

The pupils were shown dielectric boots, gloves and other PPE of electricians that are used to work under voltage. With the help of an electronic dummy simulator Gosha the power engineers demonstrated skills in resuscitation of the victim as a result of electric shock. The children were given coloring books and posters on electric safety to better remember the knowledge from the lesson.

The children were very interested in what the guests from Yarenergo told them, asked questions, asked to try on special clothing and tried to «revive» Gosha. Teachers thanked the power engineers for the lesson and invited them to conduct it for high school students. «In my lessons I certainly pay attention to electrical safety, but when it is told by a power engineer in an accessible form, the effect is much better», — physics teacher Vladimir Zuev is sure.

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