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Staff of Stanovlyansky District of Electrical Networks of Lipetskenergo is ready to act in emergency situations


Specialists of Stanovlyansky DEN of IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division, together with representatives of Stanovlyansky municipal district participated in a planned command-and-staff training exercise, organized by General Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Lipetsk region. As a result of the command-and-staff training exercise Chairman of the committee of EMERCOM of Russia in the Lipetsk region honoured Stanovlyansky DEN of the division among the best.

The aim of the training is to practice actions in emergency situations of natural and manmade character. During the event the management team, operational or maintenance crews of DEN improved their skills to restore the power supply, interrupted by gale-force wind and rain, an industrial accident at a factory in the district and a gas explosion in a residential home. According to the scenario the power engineers worked out organizational and management schemes for emergency situations and checked the readiness of personnel for a contingency elimination. Among the technical activities undertaken by the operational team of Lipetskenergo — removal of damaged power lines, switching modes of operation when a line bay is disconnected, supplying electricity to consumers with a temporary circuit and switching on of switched off feeders.

Totally in 2011 16 such events were held to work out the skills of dealing with emergencies on power lines in subdivisions of the branch. Among them are four command-and-staff training exercises with Districts of Electrical Networks of the division (Izmalkovsky, Lebedyansky, Usmansky and Stanovlyansky), one command-and-staff training exercise with Krasninsky DEN, a special training with Lipetsky DEN and a command-and-staff training exercise with the operations staff of the branch, as well as nine complex exercises conducted jointly with the regional authorities of EMERCOM of Russia. The results of our past events have shown the readiness of specialists of Lipetskenergo to act in emergency situations.

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