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For 11 months of 2011 Kostromaenergo has spent more than 200 million rubles for execution of contracts for technological connection


The investments to execute contracts for technological connection of IDGC of Centre — Kostromaenergo division for 11 months of the year have amounted to more than 200 million rubles. For the reporting period more than 2255 customers have been connected to the division’s networks. For this purpose 64.04 km of power lines have been constructed and renovated, 6.26 MVA transformer capacity has been commissioned. Totally for 11 months of the year 3496 contracts for technological connection to the networks of Kostromaenergo have been signed, which is 23% more than in the past year.

The main customers of technological connection to the division’s electric networks are residents of the Kostroma region and small entrepreneurs. Contracts with this group of applicants make up 95% of the total amount. This is directly related to the implementation of such governmental programs as the construction of housing for professionals working in rural areas, moving from old and dilapidated housing, state co-financing of housing and employment development and small forms of entrepreneurial activity programs.

Kostroma power engineers of IDGC of Center have connected to the networks such large facilities as Ice Arena in the city of Kostroma, Sports Complex “Jubilee” in the city of Galich, a woodworking company. The division has also performed the work power increase of Adischevsky paper mill, commercial and industrial engineering companies.

“Of all the requests received by Kostromaenergo and its structural departments, around 50% of them are requests for technological connection. One of our main objectives is to maintain the positive movement in the development of this type of activity both as for the number of contracts to be concluded and in terms of technological connections implemented”, — says Head of technological connections Office of the division Yury Gorikhin.

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