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Yaroslavl power engineers continue their repair campaign


For 10 months of 2011 IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division spent 112 million rubles on the implementation of the repair program. A comprehensive overhaul of 14 substations (SS) of 35-110 kV and 1.6 thousand km of 0,4-110 kV power lines have been completed.

The most important facilities of the repair program in 2011 have been the substation “Tufanovo”, “Poligrafmash”, “Shipyard”, “Petrovsk traction”, “Shestikhino”, “Riverside”, “Harvest”, “Ceramics”, the 110 kV Power Lines (PL) “Rostov” — 1, 2; PL “Pereslavl-1”; PL “Frunzenskaya” — 1, 2; PL “Palkino” — 1, 2.

1.4 million rubles were sent on repair of relay protection and automation, 23.8 billion rubles — on repair of office and industrial buildings, vehicles and special machinery of the division. 292 transformer substations were repaired, the planned scope of work to clear and expand ROWs along the power lines was completed.

The main purpose of the repair campaign is the quality preparation of the electric grid for the autumn-winter period. Repair plans and schedules are created based on annual analysis of the technical health of facilities, which minimizes the risk of emergency situations and increases the reliability of electricity supply.

Please, be reminded that the repair of transformer substations, power lines and other electric grid facilities is accompanied by power outages in the course of work performance. The schedule of planned outages in the service area of Yarenergo can be found on the web site of IDGC of Centre following the link at

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