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Students had their practice in Yarenergo


Practical training for students of Ivanovo State Power Engineering University after V.I. Lenin was organized by IDGC of Centre — Yarenergo division.

Students had practical training in Yaroslavl branch of the Company in accordance with their individual program, depending on the subject of their course or research project. Interns are introduced to the work of the distribution complex, took part in the main production processes, which their future profession provides for.

This time the place of the practice was Technological Connections Office and High-voltage Grid Office of the division. According to their supervisors, the students successfully coped with their tasks and for a few weeks of their stay at the division they approved themselves. Young power engineers mastered the software, which staff of the division uses, experienced division’s staff told the students about the principles of customer service, turned their attention to the nuances of the technical side of the structural departments.

At the beginning of next year 15 students of Ivanovo State Power Engineering University after V.I. Lenin will have their pre-diploma practice in Yarenergo. They will practice their specialty training on “Power supply”, “Electric power systems and grids”, “Electric plants” and “High-Voltage Power and Electrical Engineering.”

Production and pre-diploma practice for students of higher and secondary vocational schools of Yaroslavl and neighboring regions — this is a significant part of the personnel policy of IDGC of Centre. “During the practical training in our division students are maximum involved in the workflow. Under the guidance of supervisors from the staff of the Company, they try their hand at solving those problems with which they would deal in the future. We hope that after graduation Yarenergo will become their work place”, — said Head of HR Office IDGC of Centre -Yarenergo division Marina Sermanova.

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