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Belgorodenergo installed 170 vacuum and gas-insulated circuit breakers at high-voltage substations


IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division has completed the target program to improve the reliability of IDGC of Centre. At 13 substations of 35-110 kV power engineers replaced oil circuit breakers for modern vacuum and gas-insulated ones, at 14 supply substations they installed protection against arc faults in HV bays of cubicle switchboard (switchgear and control gear) of 6-10 kV.

119 vacuum circuit breakers of 6-10 kV and 53 gas-insulated circuit breaker of 35 — 110 kV instead of the old oil ones were installed at the 35-110 kV substations “Volokonovka”, “Rakitnoye”, “Podolkhi”, “Zozuli”, “Golovchino”, “Rzhevka”, “Zavidovka” and others. The new equipment requires practically no maintenance over the life cycle. In oil circuit breakers isolating and arc suppressing medium is oil, which in the course of time loses its insulating properties, which leads to an increase in repairs and workload of staff. Power engineers have to regularly perform maintenance of such equipment: perform necessary electrical tests, make measurements of the contact travel, change oil and others.

In addition, within the target program to improve the reliability of the above substations 81 cabinets with microprocessor-based relay protection and automation were installed. These devices locate and isolate damaged sections of the power system in the shortest time, thereby preventing the development of emergency and damage to associated equipment.

This year, power engineers have installed 417 protection devices against arcing faults in cubicle switchboard bays at the 35-110 kV substations “Vladimirovka”, “Aydar”, “Rogovatoye”, “Poultry Farm”, “Stary Oskol-2”, “Vitamin Complex”, etc. This will prevent damage to the bay walls, will protect from the destruction of insulation, deformation of bus-bars and as a result of a power interruption for consumers of these substations.

In 2012 IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division within the target program to improve the reliability oil circuit breakers at 12 substations of 35-110 kV will be replaced with vacuum and gas-insulated ones, power engineers will replace electro-mechanical relay protection panels with microprocessor-based ones. In addition, 16 supply substations will be equipped with arcing fault protection devices.

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