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Tambov power engineers of IDGC Center are ready to work in emergency situations


IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division on the site of the substation (SS) 110 kV “Tambov # 3” had an emergency response training to work out the interaction between the operational staff of energy companies, regional bodies of Ministry of Emergency Situations in a contingency with power interruptions of consumers at low temperatures in the Tambov region.

The purpose of the event was the coordination of joint actions of the participants in the elimination of emergency in case of a power interruption of consumers. During the training an interaction was simulated in accordance with the regulations of the exchange of information in a contingency and emergency situations between the participants, practical skills were assessed to eliminate failures of the normal operation of the regional power grid.

The staff of Tambovenergo, Tambov Regional Transmission Control Centre, a subsidiary of SO UPS, JSC “Tambov Utility Systems”, Tambov site of Michurinsky power supply division, State Office of Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Tambov region and the executive authorities took part in the training. The training was conducted under the leadership of Deputy Head of the Tambov Regional Administration, Head of Head-Quarters to ensure the security of power supply in the region Nikolay Perepechin.
According to the scenario of the emergency training in the repair scheme at the 110 kV “Tambov #3” substation a technological failure occurred, which was accompanied by release and ignition of the oil expansion tank of transformer T-1. As a result, consumers of the substation were completely de-energized.

Operator on duty of Grid Control Center of Tambovenergo promptly received the information that there was no voltage at all feeders at the 110 kV “Tambov # 3” and a possible fire at the substation. The operator sent a mobile crew to the 110 kV “Tambov # 3” substations to check the condition of the equipment and the overall situation. The information about the fire was confirmed, and the operator on duty by the phone informed Ministry of Emergency Situations of the need to call a fire brigade to extinguish the source of fire — the transformer with an oil volume of 18 tons. The interrupted electricity consumers were transferred to the backup power supply. After extinguishing the fire by the forces of Ministry of Emergency Situations, the operator received permission to put transformer T-2 at the SS "Tambov # 3“into operation. In the process of liquidation of the contingency the staff of Tambovenergo informed about the progress of all stakeholders in accordance with the Rules of information exchange.

The actions taken prevented the development of the emergency and allowed to restore the electricity supply in the network. As a result, the power supply to consumers was restored in full.

“The results of the training confirmed the high readiness of participants to act together to ensure reliable power supply to consumers of the Tambov region in the autumn-winter peak load period”, — said Deputy Director for Technical Issues — Chief Engineer of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division Alexander Zamotay.

In real situations like this provision of life necessities of people depends on efficiency and coherence of actions of power engineers and professionals of Ministry of Emergency Situations. During the emergency training the coordination of interaction of all participants involved in the liquidation of the contingency was practiced. Each participant of the training, while being in his workplace, demonstrated high professionalism.

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