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The acceptance of works for the contest of the best lessons on electrical safety, organized by Belgorodenergo, is coming to an end


A lesson devoted to studying the rules for electrical safety and electric injuries prevention was held in Belgorod engineering junior boarding high school # 25. The lesson was held within the framework of the regional contest for the best lesson on electrical safety, organized by IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division with Department of Education, Culture and Youth Policy of the Belgorod region with the support of the Belgorod Regional Institute of training and retraining of specialists.

The lesson for physics and mathematics students of grades 9-11 was given by the teacher of life safety Elena Poshevitskaya. The class was held in an unusual form. Speakers were selected to highlight various aspects of electrical safety. Each report was extensively discussed by the students. The children learned about the safety measures when handling electrical appliances and electrical equipment, rules of behavior near power facilities, actions during a storm, studied signs warning of a danger, analyzed accidents, which at various times the media reported of. The teacher told the children about the first aid that a person with electric shock needs.

Head of Technical and Industrial Control Department of Industrial Control and Labour Safety Office of IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division Yury Bondarev, who attended the lesson, noted:"Lessons on electrical safety are very important: children are often on the street and may be close to power facilities. And the preservation of their life and health depends on how children behave“, — said Yury Bondarev.

Elena Poshevitskaya, in her turn, stressed that the situation discussed in the class will help children avoid accidents associated with electric shock, as most problems occur because of carelessness and lack of basic knowledge.

The contest for the best lesson on electrical safety, designed to create a culture of school children in handling electricity, will continue until December 1. Teachers of life safety, technology, physics and primary education from schools of the region are taking part in it. The use of unusual and interesting forms of lessons, the use of quality educational materials, multimedia, technical media, didactic materials and handouts will be assessed in determining the winners. Currently, the contest has accepted 35 video works. After summarizing the best contest entries a methodical collection and DVD-ROM will be made “The best lesson on electrical safety”, which will later be used in practical activities of teachers of the Belgorod region.

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