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IDGC of Centre - Smolenskenergo division has passed the thunderstorm period of 2011 in the normal operation mode


The main objective of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division is to ensure reliable operation of the power system, including during the thunderstorm season from April to October. The measures taken to prepare for the operations during the storm period in 2011 have reduced the number of technological failures associated with exposure to lightning surges by 28% over the previous year.

The thunderstorm season in the work of power engineers is one of the busiest periods. That is why preparing for it in IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division was started in April with the definition of necessary measures to reduce the risk of emergencies and to ensure reliable operation of the power system.

For the stable operation of power equipment during thunderstorms the division took additional measures to protect power lines 6-110 kV, substations 35-110 kV and transformer substations 6-10 kV, all power lines and switchgear at substations for the storm period were taken under special control. Technicians checked the state of health of ground wire, the availability of reserve lightning protectors, surge arresters and other equipment mostly damageable at a stormy period. The state of lightning protection of oil facilities, suspended and pole insulation, surge protection devices of switchgear and power lines, lightning protectors, fault recorders, arresters and surge suppressors, oscillographs, fault location devices on power lines and relay protection and automation was also checked.

Particular attention was paid to safety of maintenance personnel: operators and repair personnel had their instructions and trainings for fault location on high voltage power lines, as well as actions taken by staff in storm conditions.

All these activities were organized with consideration of contingency analysis for the same period of past years. The absence of significant damage to the lines and power equipment of Smolenskenergo during the operation in the storm season of 2011 is the result of successful implementation of complex measures to prepare for this period.

“To avoid natural hazards is not possible. When a storm warning with information about the upcoming storm or strong wind is received power engineers implement high alert mode to ensure smooth and reliable operation of the electric grid, control over the equipment operation is increased. In the head office and in Districts of Electrical Networks of the division around the clock duty of maintenance staff and responsible people is organized — explains Acting Head of industrial control and safety Office of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division Vasily Gipich. — Thanks to the coordinated work of Smolensk power engineers to eliminate emergency situations as soon as possible and remove damage to the insulation, breaks and whipping wires, falling trees, as well as the complex of activities undertaken in advance the thunderstorm period in 2011 has passed in the normal operation mode”.

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