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Tverenergo continues modernization of power facilities in Konakovo district


As part of the investment program of Tverenergo in 2011 a great deal of work is under way at a number of power facilities in the territory of Konakovo district — one of the major administrative, industrial and cultural districts of the Tver region. More than 356.4 million rubles have been provided for a large-scale reconstruction of power lines and 0.4-10 kV substation (SS) 35-110 kV, supplying power to industrial and socially significant facilities of the district.

Currently the comprehensive reconstruction of 110 kV «Bezborodovo», 35 kV substation «# 9», 35 kV substation «# 11» and 35 kV substation «Dimitrov Mountain» is in the final stage. Thus, the tap substation «Bezborodovo» is transferred to a transit one. The replacement of morally and physically obsolete equipment is being performed on the site: 110 kV oil circuit breakers are replaced for modern gas-insulated and vacuum ones, which are reliable in operation throughout the life cycle. All the work performed can also significantly increase the reliability of power supply of 35 kV substations that are fed from «Bezborodovo». Tverenergo has spent 52 million rubles for the construction and installation works.

Only an integrated approach of power engineers to upgrade the grid allows customers to fully appreciate the quality and reliability of electricity supply. Therefore, all substations of Konakovo district are being reconstructed with connections to the 110 kV «Bezborodovo». At the substation «# 9» in the village of Novo-Zavidovsky an outdoor switchgear has been reconstruction and a new 10 kV switchgear has been installed. The cost of the work has amounted to 20 million rubles. As a result of completing the second phase of the equipment retrofit in the amount of 11.2 million rubles the 35 kV substation «# 11» in the village of Kozlovo meets the latest standards.

The stage by stage implementation of works is also carried out at the 35 kV substation «Dimitrov Mountain». Replacing the power transformer to the transformer with greater capacity will increase the possibility of technological connection to the substation and will provide an opportunity for repair and maintenance on the power equipment without disconnecting customers.

To minimize the possibility of disruptions in electricity supply in the district IDGC of Centre —Tverenergo division is performing a major overhaul of overhead power lines (OPL) of 10 kV substation # 1,4,5,7 at the 35 kV «Turginovo», OPL 10 kV # 12, 15,16 at the 35 kV substation «Dimitrov Mountain».

In order to prevent outages of 0.4-10 kV power lines with natural phenomena impact, when trees fall onto wires or separate branches, Tverenergo uses self-supporting insulated wire (SIW). Under the program of retrofit 15 km of 0.4 kV overhead lines have been completely renovated with the replacement for the modern and safe wire in a new settlement of Zavidovsky rural settlement and settlement of Novozavidovsky of Konakovo district.

To improve the electricity supply of customers power engineers have taken other measures. For example, in the settlement of Novozavidovsky a new transformer substation 10 kV of 250 kVA power has been additionally installed. And in the village of Zavidovo in implementing the reconstruction program the old wooden pole mounted transformer substation was replaced for a new packaged 6/0,4 kV transformer substation. A packaged 10/0.4 kV transformer substation was also replaced in the village of Yuryevo of Kozlovsky rural settlement.

Now 10 kV overhead line # 5 from SS 35/10kV #11, which feeds the village of Bushmino, the village of Paveltsevo, the village of Ivanovo, the village of Yuryevo and the village of Dorino is being reconstructed. Ten kilometers of aluminum wire have been replaced with SIW, and 30 wooden poles for reinforced concrete ones. In addition, two modern 10 kV switching devices — «reclosers» have been installed on this overhead line in Zavidovo. This allows for faster location of a faulted network section and its power being restored and consequently reduces the time of restoration activities.

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