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Voronezhenergo warns customers against misuse of self-contained power supply


One of the urgent tasks for Voronezhenergo power engineers is the prevention of electric injuries. In connection with demand increase for self-contained power supply among consumers, Voronezhenergo experts remind customers of the danger of misuse, compliance with safety regulations when using this power equipment.

Self-contained power supply includes gasoline and diesel portable generators that are used as a backup source of power supply by companies, construction sites, banks, data centers, airports, oil and gas companies, as well as commercial or office centers and individual homes.

Improper use of self-contained power supply can cause damage to electric appliances of consumers, fires or injuries of workers operating the electric grid.

In order to prevent electric injuries one hooks up a self-contained power supply source, if only one has a written permit from the grid company on the connection to the electric grid. Safe connection and operation of self-contained power supply is regulated by the “Rules of technical operation of electrical installations”, “Rules of technical operation of power stations and grids of the Russian Federation”. Also, self-contained power supply connection to the network of the consumer is allowed only if there are locks between the switching devices to exclude the possibility of simultaneous power supply to the network of the customer and the grid of IDGC of Centre —Voronezhenergo division.

Please, call the Direct Power Hot Line at 8-800-50-50-115 (toll free) or contact the Customer Service Centres of the branch on questions related to obtaining a permit from the grid company to connect the self-contained power supply to the electric network, main business and additional services of the branch.

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