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The trade union organization of Tverenergo is for the utilities industry development


IDGC of Centre -Tverenergo division, Tver regional organization “All-Russian Electric Utilities Trade Union” and the Federation of Tver Trade Unions have signed a cooperation agreement.

The goal of the agreement was the exchange of regional expertise in the field of social and labor relations and its implementation in joint projects and programs. The parties intend to develop common approaches to the social policy, implement information interaction, aimed to execute a coordinated policy in the mass media.

According to Chairman of the Tver regional organization of “All-Russian Electric Utilities Trade Union” Sergey Aksakov the agreement included contractual arrangements between the parties, which are designed to yield concrete results and serve to develop the energy sector.

For its part, the Federation of Tver Trade Unions (FTTU), as an organization that unites industry unions in the Tver region, is able to represent the interests of power engineers in its relations with various levels of authorities, employers’ associations and public organizations. “The agreement will help address challenges faced by the division in terms of the regulation of social and labor relations, including the work of various committees relating to utilities issues” — noted FTTU Chairman Valery Koreshkov.

The cooperation is socially significant for the Tver power engineers, as it will improve social security, as well as strengthen the dialogue between the staff and management of the division.

“An important part of our partnership was the protection of labor rights, which is one of the major areas of the social policy”, — concluded Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre -Tverenergo division director Alexander Eyst.

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