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Metrologists of Lipetskenergo are for maximum accuracy of instrument readings


Specialists of Department of metrology and quality of electricity summarized the results of operations for 10 months 2011. During this period there have been a range of activities, including technical measures.

In order to obtain reliable measurements for commercial electric power metering the specialists of Department of metrology and quality of electricity from January to September have had 299 instrumentation inspections at power facilities of the division and customers.

As part of metrological support and additional services to the population, the power engineers verified 521 devices, 368 electricity meters, 335 measuring current and voltage transformers and calibrated 1138 measuring instruments and repaired 868 measuring instruments (including 838 electricity meters).

To assess the quality of electricity in accordance with the annual schedule for periodic monitoring of quality of electric power and consumer complaints for 10 months this year 440 measurements have been performed there. These inspections were carried out with certified devices having a certificate of verification with the allowed accuracy measurement limits corresponding to GOST 13109-97, namely, “Breakthrough-KE”, “Resource-UF2M” and “Energomonitor 3.3”.

The results of the inspections performed are recorded into a database for periodic testing and certification of electrical energy, as well as a common base of measurement available in the division.

“Power quality largely determines the economic performance of industries, and is a necessary condition for safe operation of electrical equipment and household electrical appliances at consumers’ premises. Therefore, metrologists of Lipetskenergo monitor the quality of electricity continuously”, — said Head of Metrology and Quality of electricity Department — Chief Metrologist of the division Vadim Yakovlev.

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