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For 9 months 2011 Belgorodenergo has spent more than 2.2 million rubles on the implementation of environmental policies


One of the main tasks of IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division in the environmental field is reducing the negative environmental impacts as a result of industrial activity, as well as continued improvement in environmental safety.

An important aspect in the implementation of the environmental policy is to comply with emission standards of air pollutants and standards for waste and limits on their disposal. Employees of Belgorodenergo closely monitor compliance with the environmental legislation. So, contracts have been concluded with specialized organizations for recycling and disposal of used mercury-containing lamps, solid and liquid wastes, transfer of ferrous and nonferrous metal scrap. A separate collection of waste is constantly monitored, the timeliness of their utilization, as well as monthly monitoring is performed over the prevention of accumulation of waste at the sites of Districts of Electrical Networks for more than 6 months.

Under the concluded contracts the quality control of stormwater and melt water, domestic water, air and soil monitoring at the sites of waste accumulation and the relevant protocols of quantitative chemical analysis of all structural units have been received. The contract with the federal budget health facility of the Belgorod region for electromagnetic field and noise measurement in the framework of the measurement plan, as well as measurements pursuant t customer complaints.

For 9 months 2011 certificates for all kinds of waste have been developed. Work is also being performed on updating draft standards for maximum allowable emissions for 7 structural units of the branch. This year sites for the collection of municipal solid waste have been arranged in Valuisky and Novooskolsky DENs. All employees of the branch, associated with the operation of hazardous waste, have a certificate for the right to treat them.

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