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Yarenergo keeps on implementing the environmental program


For 9 months 2011 IDGC of Centre —Yarenergo division has spent 775.9 thousand rubles for the implementation of the environmental policy. The funds have been invested in measures on the protection and efficient use of water resources, protection of soil and air against industrial and domestic waste products.

These protective measures are being performed by power engineers in the framework of the Program on implementation of the environmental policy. This year the main technical activities have included the repair of transformers, drainage equipment and replacement of oil-filled entrance bushings for more reliable and safe devices with solid insulation. These measures are aimed at ensuring industrial and ecological safety while using technical equipment of the branch.

In order to receive a permit to work with hazardous waste, 22 employees of Industrial Control and Safety Office of Yarenergo have successfully completed their training course on “Environmental Protection and Ecological Safety” and “Hazardous Waste” programs at the N.P. Pastukhov State Academy of Industrial Management.

Yarenergo constantly monitors the observance of maximum allowable concentrations of contaminants in the disposal into the storm sewer system of substations and control of the toxicity of exhaust gases of vehicles for CO and CH. Specialists of the branch monitor the intake and wastewater treatment and control the storage of tires. Licensed organizations regularly receive industrial waste for recycling and disposal from power engineers.

The implementation of the environmental program helps minimize the impact of operation activities on the environment and enhance the safety of the distribution utilities.

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