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Lipetskenergo fleet is ready for the operation during the autumn-winter period 2011 - 2012


One of the activities of IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division within the framework of the successfully completed preparation for the autumn-winter period 2011 — 2012 was the renovation and repair of its vehicle fleet.

In 2011, within the framework of the renovation of the vehicle fleet Lipetskenergo has purchased 76 pieces of vehicles, special vehicles, trailers and attachments. More than 80 million rubles have been sent on it. Until the end of the year other 14 pieces of special vehicles will have been bought. Most of the purchased vehicles are those with off-road ability and special vehicles.

According to the program to renovate vehicles the division has received cranes, hydraulic lifts, tractor trucks, semitrailers, tractors and modern attachments, shredders of branches “Iveta” for the disposal of branches of felled trees. Also, for the purpose of inspecting the lines in the winter the division has bought five snowmobiles “Taiga”.

Application of the new special vehicles will increase the operational control over power facilities located in remote areas, facilitate their maintenance and repair, as well as reduce the time of the emergency recovery work. These measures are aimed at improving the reliability of the electric grid of the division in winter.

Increased responsiveness of emergency and recovery operations and optimization of transport logistics is facilitated by the implemented in the division system of automated control and monitoring of vehicles by using satellite navigation systems GLONASS.

In order to ensure work safety in the operation of vehicles all the available in the division fleet is subject to regular maintenance and repair. More than 20 million rubles have been spent on repair and maintenance of vehicles and special vehicles of Lipetskenergo for 9 months in 2011.

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