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An advanced classroom has appeared in Bryanskenergo


A priority area of the personnel policy of IDGC of Centre is the continuous development of its staff. A complex of measures has been developed aimed at comprehensive development of the staff. So, this year an advanced classroom has appeared in Bryanskenergo, in which electricians advance in their skills.

The classroom has modern equipment, capable of displaying video tutorials and presentations. In the near future there will be some upgrade of the equipment: the creation of the layout of power lines using self-supporting insulated wires. This will be an exact reduced copy of the system of power lines, which supply power to the population and infrastructure facilities of the Bryansk region. Classes are also conducted with power engineers in the training workshop, in which employees can visually explore the device and the application of various types of electrical equipment, including high voltage one.

For nine months 2011 385 employees of the division have had their training in the classroom: 225 persons have had their primary and secondary training in the safety and received second blue-collar occupations, 75 employees have improved their qualifications, 38 persons have participated in training workshops. At present 16 specialists of Bryanskenergo are being retrained in the Smolensk Branch of Moscow Power Engineering Institute, and one — at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service.

According to Head of Human Resources Office of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo division Natalia Galanova, staff training issues are given great importance in Bryanskenergo, since the requirements for professional level of power engineers are constantly growing. Continuous employee training of the division has a positive effect on their professional activities and serves to the development of the electric grid of the Bryansk region.

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