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Smolenskenergo has summed up three quarters of 2011 in regards with the implementation of the work plan for the metrological provision of operations


For nine months 2011 specialists of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo division have performed calibration testing of 876 pieces of measuring instruments (MI), 226 measuring current transformers and voltage transformers 109, installed in commercial electric energy metering systems, 943 electricity meters and 639 MI and devices have been repaired. Functional testing of 232 measuring instruments has been performed.

Specialists of the department have also performed 175 measurements of quality of electric energy at the supply centers of power and 385 measurements at the control points. For the measurement of quality the power engineers use such devices for testing quality of electric energy as QNA-412 and “Proryv-KE”, as well “Energotester-PKE” and “Energomonitor 3.3T”. These devices allow you to perform the measurement of key indicators of quality of electric energy in accordance with the requirements of GOST and evaluate the compliance of values with the established standards.

A contract has been concluded to conduct the inspection control of the certified electrical power delivered by residential consumers.

This work is the guarantee to ensure the smooth operation of the electric grid equipment.

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