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Emergency Commission has confirmed Tambovenergo readiness to operate in emergencies


Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division director Vladimir Syshchikov took part in the meeting of the Committee on the Prevention and Emergency Response and Fire Safety of the Tambov region. Tambov power engineers of IDGC of Centre jointly with the regional government, as well as large supply enterprises, representatives of the Regional Emergency Office discussed ways of cooperation in cases of emergencies and failures.

The meeting was chaired by Deputy Head of the Administration of the Tambov region, chairman of the Commission on the Prevention and Emergency Response and Fire Safety Alexander Sazonov with the participation of Deputy Head of the Administration of the Tambov region Nikolay Perepechin, responsible for Power and Utilities, Chief of General Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Tambov region Alexander Zaitsev.

The main purpose of the event was to work out mechanisms of work together to prevent and eliminate operational failures in electricity networks, which may occur due to abnormal climatic events or natural disasters.

The conducted review of preparedness of emergency and disaster recovery teams, designed to eliminate failures at the sites of the fuel and energy complex and utilities in the autumn-winter period 2011-2012.

In summarizing the Committee noted that in recent years the quality of work on civil defense and disaster situations in structural units of the divisions has improved markedly, upcoming events are processed qualitatively and report documentation is in good condition.

Precise coordination of power engineers, executive power and representatives of the EMERCOM will continuously provide reliable operation of power equipment and uninterrupted electricity supply to consumers, and if necessary, to quickly eliminate the effects of adverse weather and natural disasters.

According to Deputy General Director of IDGC of Centre — Tambovenergo division director Vladimir Syshchikov, such meetings can establish a constructive dialogue between the participants and are important to consumers. “The branch established a clear and effective system of interaction with the heads of districts, with the bodies of Emergency Office in the event of a disaster. Ultimately, we all — both power engineers, and executive power and EMERCOM staff — working for the people to provide light and warmth to their homes in any season, any possible adverse natural phenomena or an emergency ”- noted Head of the division.

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