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Ammunition of the Great Patriotic War was found at the site of Belgorodenergo


Employees of a contractor of IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division, who were tracing a cable from the 110 kV substation “Food Industry” in village of Nearest Igumenka, found ammunition supplies of the Great Patriotic War. They immediately reported to the Department for mobilization and civil defense (CD) of the division about the dangerous finding.

To understand the situation a specialist of Department for mobilization and civil defense of the division Evgeny Voronin was immediately sent to the scene. According to the instructions an application of finding weapons of World War II was dispatched to the General Directorate of EMERCOM in the Belgorod region. At the request bomb-disposal experts of EMERCOM came to the place quickly.

The first finds of the experts of EMERCOM were harmless to life and health of the villagers. They were rusty shell casings. However, on further examination of the land the mine detector at the depth of 2 m detected the fire emplacement of a 122-millimeter howitzer. Obviously, the gun crew in July 1943 held back here, at the legendary Kursk tank battle, tank and infantry assaults of Nazis forces. Twelve 122-millimeter shells and 9 shell casings were removed from the land.

“If workers had not noticed the shell casing and not called specialists of EMERCOM, then the tractor, which continued to dig a trench, could touch the shells with its bucket and the explosion of the detonator would have been inevitable. The explosion, equivalent to 150 kilograms of TNT gives a dispersion of fragments up to 3000 m. For clarity, it should be noted that as a result of the explosion a crater is formed with the area of 5 × 5 meters”, — says Evgeny Voronin.

Specialists EMERCOM evacuated the found ammunition and destroyed them in a special landfill. So as a result of joint actions of the contractor, IDGC of Centre — Belgorodenergo division and EMERCOM the ammunition were defused, and the work of laying the cable successfully continued. Chief of General Directorate of EMERCOM in the Belgorod region on behalf of the management of the division was sent a letter of thanks to. The letter expresses gratitude to those bomb-disposal experts who promptly eliminated the hazard for their high professionalism, determination and initiative.

It should be noted that the 7 km cable from the substation “Food Industry” in the village of Nearest Igumenka is being laid under the program of technological connection and power supply for a new neighborhood of individual housing construction.

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