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Employees of Smolenskenergo congratulated the Smolensk branch of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute on its anniversary


Managers and employees of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo took part in the ceremony commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Branch of Moscow Power Engineering Institute in the city of Smolensk (SB MPEI).

In the framework of the cooperation between the division and the university each year Smolenskenergo receives about 50 people for practical training, conducts student tours and open doors days, round tables and professional orientation seminars. Managers of IDGC of Centre — Smolenskenergo are permanent members of the state certification committee for diplomas defence of students of power engineering specialties at the university.

Currently 476 employees work Smolenskenergo with higher education received at SF MPEI, 146 at managerial positions, 308 are specialists of the division. All the technical leaders starting from the heads of structural subdivisions to the chief engineer received the diploma of the university.

Pursuant to the long-term collaboration agreement a targeted training program of power engineers is being implemented, who are provided training by the division. Over the past three years 50 people passed the program of professional retraining and 204 people improved their skills. Specialists of Smolenskenergo are involved in teaching at training courses of power engineers.

The cooperation is not limited to training activities. Smolenskenergo contributed significantly to the erection of the monument to the students of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, who died in World War II: power engineers actively participated in the construction of the memorial stele, completed lighting of the monument, moved poles and cut down trees and took over most of the construction activities on erection of the monument and landscaping. Power engineers keep the monument in good condition and help a scouting force to identify the names of unknown heroes of power engineers of the Great Patriotic War.

In 2011 within the target program of IDGC Holding “Electricity Distribution Complex — for the Environment Protection”, aimed at restoring the balance of nature that is infringed as a result of abnormal natural phenomena, the division’s staff have planted over 560 seedlings, including the created “Walk of Power Engineers” from 20 chestnut trees near the building of the Smolensk Branch of Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

“Moscow Power Engineering Institute and its Smolensk branch were not accidentally chosen as one of the basic institutions for the training of the division. Over the years of its existence the institute has trained thousands of engineers who are the foundation of human resource potential of Power Industry of Russia, — said Deputy General Director of IDGC of Center — Smolenskenergo division director Sabir Agamaliyev in his congratulatory speech. — We express our gratitude to the university teaching staff for the excellent training of young specialists, as well as retraining and skills improvement of our employees. You can be proud of your achievements and those professionals who graduate from you, working for the benefit of the Russian power industry, they have become true professionals”.

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