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Lipetsk power engineers are fully getting ready for the autumn-winter peak load


In preparation for the autumn — winter peak loads IDGC of Centre — Lipetskenergo division held a joint training with the Russian Emergencies Ministry General Directorate of the Lipetsk region. The event was attended by all stakeholders of the power industry in the region, a division of EMERCOM Russia in the Lipetsk region and representatives of the executive authorities. The command staff coordinated the actions of the participants, headed by deputy chief engineer for operations, head of Distribution Control Centre of Lipetskenergo Andrey Arapov.

During the training an elaborated emergency was created, when due to extreme weather conditions when substation equipment and power lines were damaged locally that supply electricity to customers of a significant part of the Lipetsk region. As a result of falling trees onto a 10 kV overhead power line (OPL), broken wires with the destruction of poles and insulators for a 10 kV overhead line arising at low temperatures and strong wind and entailed the icing, sticking of wet snow, conductors galloping, and customers several localities of Lipetsk region, including one of the largest food companies in the region conditionally were without electricity.

In the process of the large-scale training managing, operating, repair and crew staff of Lipetskenergo performed and perfected skills for early notification, switching off equipment for maintenance, its repair and switching back on in a normal operation mode, connecting sources of independent power supply — a diesel generator, implementation of switching orders. Special emphasis was made on the interaction of utilities with fire units of EMERCOM.

“Such trainings are held each year in our division. Their value is that they indicate the level of preparedness of the staff of utilities, municipalities and divisions of EMERCOM in serious emergency situations, as well as contribute to the development of solutions to improve the interaction with the structures responsible for power supply in the region. During the last training power engineers of Lipetskenergo once again demonstrated their confident readiness to act in a situation with a high risk of power supply failure in the region”- commented Andrey Arapov.

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