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IDGC of Centre – Kurskenergo division is taking measures against unauthorized consumption of electricity


Kursk power engineers of IDGC of Centre in conjunction with law enforcement officials conduct checks on a monthly basis to identify cases of illegal consumption of electricity. Since the beginning of the year 806 acts have been filed on consumption of electrical energy without meters and agreements.

During the check violators were identified, who bypassing the meters, stole more than 4.071 million kWh of electricity, the consumption with no agreement was 0.481 million kWh. Such amount of electricity is sufficient for power supply within one month of a major consumer district of the Kursk region — Lgovskiy district of 1080 km².

The damage Kurskenergo incurred from the unauthorized electricity consumption is about 10.64 million rubles. To date, 99% of that amount has been refunded by the lawbreakers.

11 acts on consumption of electrical energy without meters and agreements have been referred to the judicial authorities. Electricity thieves can be brought to administrative responsibility — under Article 7.19 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation “Unauthorized connection and use of electricity, heat, oil or gas” and criminal responsibility — under Article 165 of the Criminal Code “Causing damage to property by deception or breach of trust”.

In cases of theft of electric grid equipment, illegal connections to wires, breaking the integrity of metering devices, connection to other people’s facilities, please, call the direct Power line at 8-800-50-50-115 (toll free) or by calling operators on duty in each District of Electrical Networks of the division.

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