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Specialists of Bryanskenergo conduct lessons on electricity safety


In Bryanskenergo continuing campaign to prevent children’s injury with electrical shock.

Classes on this subject in schools and vocational schools for the second year are conducted with the joint program to prevent injuries at the power facilities of IDGC of Centre — Bryanskenergo and the Department of Energy and Utilities of the Bryansk region.

With the advent of the new academic year in secondary and special schools of the Bryansk region another stage of the program has started.

The first open lesson took place at Rognedinskaya vocational school. It was taught by the head of Rognedinsky DEN Alexey Kazakov. Future machine operators learned how to act when the vehicle they drive, hit the area of ​​electric shock. What to do first and foremost, how to leave a tractor or harvester, if you cannot drive the vehicle out of a dangerous area. Alexey Kazakov spoke about the step voltage and demonstrated the way of moving in the dangerous area. And children learned about the precautions they should follow when rescuing a man hit by electric shock.

Similar lessons of electricity safety timed with the beginning of the new school year were held in all districts of the region.

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