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Tver power men of IDGC of Center increasing pace of technological connections of consumers


For 7 months 2011 specialists of IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo executed 1363 contracts for technological connections (TC), which is 687 contracts more than the same period in 2010. The total capacity reached about 25.5 MW, surpassing the last year’s figure by 2 MW.

During the reporting period 1222 individual housing construction sites for a total capacity of 11.1 MW, 29 retail outlets — about 2 MW and 4 apartment buildings — 1.7 MW were connected to the division’s grids.

Tver power men of IDGC of Center connected to the electricity grid such large sites as «Hexa-nonwoven materials» LLC with the capacity of 1 MW, OJSC «Rhythm» TPTA — 2 MW, a car dealer «Skoda-Service» — 0.7 MW, a gas station of «Petrol -LUX» LLC- 0.67 MW, «Elite Service» LLC- 0.6 MW, and the Research Institute of Applied Acoustics with the capacity of 1.8 MW.

In addition, the specialists of Tverenergo performed technological connections to the grids of the division 7 agricultural facilities, 29 shops, 32 cellular base stations, 11 street lighting facilities, 2 gas stations, two storage rooms and other power supply facilities, the capacity value of the connection resulted in 14,4 MW.

For today IDGC of Centre — Tverenergo division has 5003 contracts for technological connections with a total capacity more than 187 MW to be performed by the power men in the current year.

IDGC of Centre cares about the comfort of consumers and quality of their service. Customers may inquire in regards with the procedure of technological connections for free with the direct Power line at 8-800-50-50-115, on the official web-site www. or at customer care centers — you can get detailed information on all matters relating to power supply.

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